Project information

  • Category: Web Copy
  • Client: Ghostwritten
  • Project date: August, 2016
  • Project URL: None

The Details

The Need: The original client was an office furniture company who wanted an SEO-responsive about page. Since I do not own the original content, I have instead changed the company and products, but not the original need. This client wanted an about page that utilized keywords that would optimize the page for search engines. The client wanted copy that was informative and showcased their commitment to sustainabiity.

The Process: I was given a set of keywords the client wanted to use. Then I went to their website to get an idea of their brand's voice, and what kinds of products they offered. I looked at the copy on the current about page to see how much of it needed changing. I wrote up two versions: one version with a slightly formal tone, and a second version with a more conversational tone. The client selected the version they wanted to go with and after a few minor edits I gave them their final copy.

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